Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Poor Reading Skills

I see there is more fear and alarm about the number of Primary Students entering High School with poor Reading Skills and often poor Basic Skills generally.

The current crop of CONQUER eBooks being published by North Highland Press in Amazon, Smashwords and other eBook sites cover these Basic Skills. Conquer Reading Out Loud allows students to lose the fear of being asked to read out in class by teaching them how to read.

Like all of the Conquer Techniques it's simplicity itself and is based on how we learned to speak. The reason deaf people can't speak properly is because they never get the chance to hear themselves read properly. Reading involves matching sounds to symbols (words). The brain lays down the pattern of how words/part of words sound but until the reader hears himself read properly patterns are not laid down.

The eBook explains it all simply and shows you how.

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