Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bed Wetting and the Magic Garden

Nothing annoys me more than reading about the multitude of bells and whistles and rubber pants to combat bed wetting. As a former champion bed wetter myself.....I did say former.....I have first hand knowledge of the power of anxiety and the role it plays in bed wetting. As part of my post graduate Psychotherapy course I came across a technique called the Magic Garden which I adapted for my young clients with dyslexia and/or learning difficulties. Quickly realising the part anxiety plays in disrupting the learning process I adapted the Magic Garden for the under 12s and the Sound of Calm hypnosis technique (now The Study Relaxer) for the over 12s.

I soon had parents joyously telling me their son had stopped bedwetting since playing the Magic Garden (it's usually boys) and that all children with nightmares and even sleepwalking were improving rapidly as their anxiety was calmed.

So parents, if your child wets the bed, it's not because they have a 'weak bladder' nor is it because they 'drink too much late at night'. They are anxious and they need psychotherapeutic intervention or TIME to grow out of it if you prefer (I know which they would prefer). A week to 10 days of playing the Magic Garden story (15 minutes) will cure their bedwetting and vastly reduce their nightmares and any sleepwalking.

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