Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Now 4th TeT eBook on Amazon and Smashwords: Conquer Anxiety and Bed-wetting

A fourth Technique has been added to Amazon and Smashwords: Conquer Anxiety and Bed-wetting. This technique is in the form of a short visualisation story called The Magic Garden designed for young students aged 7 to 12 to ease anxiety and tensions associated with school work, especially exams.

But tackling the young student's anxieties had secondary gains, the most important of which was curing bed-wetting, 99% of which is anxiety based. It also combats nightmares and even sleepwalking.

The Garden and it's 'big brother' The Study Relaxer can be downloaded for burning to a DVD on the Edinburgh Techniques website: The Teacher Relaxer, based on the Study Relaxer was added to the site in 2011.

A 5th Conqueror Compilation eBook is currently being prepared for Amazon and Smashwords

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