Thursday, 2 February 2012


The Edinburgh Techniques, first devised in the mid 80s to help dyslexics and slow learners are now being re-written for North Highland Publishing.

From 1986 till 1997 clients came to the Edinburgh Centre for Accelerated Learning in Merchiston or Hampshire. In 1997 the Techniques were written up for our new website:

They were colourful and raucous, appealing more to the young students than their parents and teachers, but Kindle, for whom the updates are aimed are shorter and more to the point, also Kindle can't handle colour at this point. Major companies here and in America will be involved in the sale of the Techniques, the first of which, Conquer Spelling will be available soon.

 Conquer Tables and the Reading Out Loud books should be completed by mid February. They will be followed by a book to sharpen Mental Arithmetic using patterns and a Relaxation Story for the under 12s to combat Exam Nerves and Tackle Bed-wetting, nightmares and sleepwalking.

As the weeks go on I'll be speaking about educational matters generally and the importance of Relaxation, Self Esteem and Confidence to Information Intake, storage and recall.

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