Thursday, 31 May 2012

Demonstration of Wholebrain Learning

I'm now available to speak to groups large or small, in your own Home or Hall anywhere in the country, or indeed the world :o) Parents are the real target of course, though as always, professionals are also welcome. How Wholebrain Learning (Accelerated Learning) works and why Left Brain school based learning fails with many young students will be explained and my main Technique, the Internal Eyescan will be demonstrated.

See for yourself if life long spelling failures really can spell PSYCHIATRIST forwards AND backwards in minutes with the Internal Eyescan Technique. Email me for details: and we'll arrange a telephone chat.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Demonstrating my Techniques

Years ago I used to lecture on the subject of Accelerated Learning to parents and professionals. The lectures included me demonstrating my major Learning Technique, The Internal Eyescan, currently the base of two of my new eBooks: Conquer Spelling and Conquer Times Tables.

The Spelling Technique uses the word PSYCHIATRIST as the first one learned. It's also used in the demonstration where I work 'live' with a young student, usually 12/13.

As the student begins to spell Psychiatrist there is absolute silence in the hall, people are literally on the edge of their seats willing the student on. Success sees the Hall erupt with relief as much as congratulations for the student.

'Psychiatrist' is used with all students from 7 to 17 to show them how powerful the technique is but more importantly, to show them how clever they actually are and that normal school words will be simple to learn by comparison.

To boost their confidence and raise their self esteem even further they are asked to spell the word backwards. The audience gasps and now sit right back into their seats so as not to pressure the student. What they don't know is they student finds it EASIER to spell the word backwards than forwards. Huh?

The IES is a Visualisation Technique with Sound backup, and once the word is learned the student pictures it before spelling it, but the picture is laid down from Front to Back so the student is already at the back, making spelling backwards easier and as one 8 year old from St Andrews once said to me  " Piece of Cake". 

5th TeT eBook nears completion

A fifth eBook is nearing completion. It's a compilation of the other four books plus how to use the Internal Eyescan from Conquer Spelling and Conquer Times Tables for other subjects like learning French Vocabulary, Chemistry Formulae, Algebraic Equations etc.

The front covers are also being change with a different colour for each book and once everything is as we would like it we'll get down to some serious promotion.